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Is Facebook Killing Google?

There have been a lot of predictions that Facebook would kill Google. This Businessinsider article says that it may happen some day, but as of today, it’s not even close. To get a quick reality check on whether Facebook is … Continue reading

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Verizon Blocks Google Wallet on its Smartphones

It looks like the competitions is heating up over payments using smart phones. Here are two stories about Verizon blocking the Google Wallet. Google was first to the market with an electronic payment system, but apparently Verizon must want its … Continue reading

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NY Times: Google’s War on Nonsense

When Google changed its algorithm it affected about 12% of the searches.  The biggest effect was on content farms.  Here is an opinion piece from the NY Times on the effect of the change. You can’t mess with Google forever. … Continue reading

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Bing Takes Market Share from Google

Microsoft has managed to increase the market share for its Bing search engine over the past year with Google being the big loser. Looking at the overall search engine market from May 2010 to May 2011, Compete found that Google … Continue reading

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Is Your Money Safe With Google?

How much do you trust Google?  Perhaps this is the wrong question.  Instead, how much trust sill you place in Google’s wallet system? This means people will eventually be able to wave their Android phones in front of a reader … Continue reading

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Bing is Gaining on Google

Google is the leader of the pack, but , look out below.  Bing is increasing market share. http://mashable.com/2011/04/11/bing-search-growth/

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Google and Facebook Invade Banks’ Turf

Both Google and Facebook are getting into areas that once was the private domain of the banks.  Do you think the banks should worry? Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. are poised to go head to head with established financial services … Continue reading

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