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Seven Reasons Why Winners Win and Losers Lose

This PJ Media article discusses seven differences between winners and losers and how they perform. The list covers the following topics: Winners do things that losers won’t. Winners fail more often than losers. Winners are more optimistic than losers. Winners … Continue reading

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Seth and Talker’s Block

I needed to see this post by Seth Godin. It fits right in with what Ed had been arguing about. Just Do it. “Do the Work“, as Steven Pressfield wrote. Ive been able to think of a thousand reasons and … Continue reading

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NY Times: Google’s War on Nonsense

When Google changed its algorithm it affected about 12% of the searches.  The biggest effect was on content farms.  Here is an opinion piece from the NY Times on the effect of the change. You can’t mess with Google forever. … Continue reading

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Making Millions at 99 Cents a Pop

Amanda Hocking is the best selling indie writer on Amazon.com.  She sells approximately 100,000 copies of her books per month.  By publishing for the Kindle she has no printing costs, and doesn’t and to store a garage full of books … Continue reading

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101 Marketing Charts

Here is a link to 101 marketing graphs at Hubspot. http://www.hubspot.com/charts/?source=email20101216-marketing-charts

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Problem Posting Photo Caused by Plugin

Wow. It’s been a long time since I posted here.  I hope I can make it with a bit more regularity. Anyway, with my Challenge blog, which worked properly for a long time all of a sudden quit working.  Whenever … Continue reading

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Mod 2Day3: Writing Keyword Optimized Content

Dr Anthony introduced us to the “Publish Content” module of MS.  It really does have a decent word processor/text editor. Then Ed showed us the concept of “free Writing”.   Ten minutes of focused activity and then – STOP.  Do Not … Continue reading

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