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Judge Rules Colorado Sales Tax Reporting Scheme Unconstitutional

Politicians the world around spend their time scheming ways to separate their constituents from their money. Anyone involved in online marketing we should be aware that states cannot force an online merchant to collect sales tax unless the merchant has … Continue reading

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Look Out FaceBook. Here Comes Pinterest

Motley Fool thinks Pinterest could knock FaceBook off its perch. When a better technology comes along, there is little cost for a consumer to switch – as they did, for example, from Yahoo! to Google around 2003. While Google+ was … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Killing Google?

There have been a lot of predictions that Facebook would kill Google. This Businessinsider article says that it may happen some day, but as of today, it’s not even close. To get a quick reality check on whether Facebook is … Continue reading

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Feds Seize Domain Names

ICE, The federal customs enforcement agency seized an estimated 130 domain names that is says were selling illegal or counterfeit merchandise. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Gillian Christensen declined to state how many domains had been seized, but told the … Continue reading

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New Low Cost Way to Transfer Money on the Internet

How many ways can you transfer money using the Internet? The ways that come to mind include making credit card payments and PayPal. I’m not considering here online banking where funds can be transferred between my own accounts. There are … Continue reading

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The 2011 Challenge is Underway

The 2011 Challenge is now underway and I’m getting off to a slow start. As they say, “Life happens.” But I will get back into the groove and complete this year’s Challenge. I invite you to join me.

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The FTC’s Internet Kill Switch

The government is on a path to regulate nearly everything in our lives. This post by U.S. Rep Marsha Blackburn discusses the problem. Bureaucrats at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are pursuing a heavy-handed regulatory approach to address vague concerns … Continue reading

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