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Judge Rules Colorado Sales Tax Reporting Scheme Unconstitutional

Politicians the world around spend their time scheming ways to separate their constituents from their money. Anyone involved in online marketing we should be aware that states cannot force an online merchant to collect sales tax unless the merchant has … Continue reading

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Employers Ask for FaceBook Password in Job Interviews

You’ve probably heard of the stories where job applicants were asked to give up their FaceBook password. Now, even Congress is investigating the practice and we even have this from Facebook itself. I suspect the practice will be very short … Continue reading

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Google to Allow Do Not Track Button in Browser

Google Inc. will allow a “do-not- track” button to be embedded in its Web browser, letting users restrict the amount of data that can be collected about them. Read more:

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Canadian Enters US Using iPad

A Canadian man who forgot his passport managed to enter the US using a scanned copy of the passport on his iPad. Martin Reisch said Tuesday a slightly annoyed U.S. border officer let him cross into the United States from … Continue reading

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Feds Seize Domain Names

ICE, The federal customs enforcement agency seized an estimated 130 domain names that is says were selling illegal or counterfeit merchandise. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Gillian Christensen declined to state how many domains had been seized, but told the … Continue reading

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The FTC’s Internet Kill Switch

The government is on a path to regulate nearly everything in our lives. This post by U.S. Rep Marsha Blackburn discusses the problem. Bureaucrats at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are pursuing a heavy-handed regulatory approach to address vague concerns … Continue reading

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California Taxes Amazon: Amazon Drops California Affiliates

It’s always interesting when someone purporting to be a capitalist is willing to screw another capitalist under the illusion of fairness.  The resident merchants of Caliornia joined up in unison to attack the online sellers, and and the … Continue reading

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Another State Tries to Put the Squeeze on Amazon

Texas demands Amazon collect sales taxes.  Amazon Leaves Texas. Texas really showed ’em, huh? More government wisdom in action.

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Democrat SenatorWants Taxes on Internet Sales

Here’s some amazing news for internet marketers.  Democrat Senator, Dick Durbin plans to introduce a bill to collect taxes on internet sales.  Now, imagine that.  A Democrat wants more taxes. Why do you suppose we would ever call a … Continue reading

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What, No Internet?

During the recent uprising in Egypt the Egyptian government shut down the internet.  They accomplished this by essentially shutting Down the DNS servers. So, the question becomes if the U.S. government decided to take similar action, how would we communicate? … Continue reading

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