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Look Out FaceBook. Here Comes Pinterest

Motley Fool thinks Pinterest could knock FaceBook off its perch. When a better technology comes along, there is little cost for a consumer to switch – as they did, for example, from Yahoo! to Google around 2003. While Google+ was … Continue reading

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The Most Hated Companies in America

This one surprised me. I never would have expected Facebook to be among the most hated companies. A few others surprised me too. Check it out:

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Seven Reasons Why Winners Win and Losers Lose

This PJ Media article discusses seven differences between winners and losers and how they perform. The list covers the following topics: Winners do things that losers won’t. Winners fail more often than losers. Winners are more optimistic than losers. Winners … Continue reading

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Seth and Talker’s Block

I needed to see this post by Seth Godin. It fits right in with what Ed had been arguing about. Just Do it. “Do the Work“, as Steven Pressfield wrote. Ive been able to think of a thousand reasons and … Continue reading

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Business Insider Likes Tumblr

Here’s an interesting article about Tumblr. it’s written from the business perspective and Business Insider definitely likes it. Read the article:

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How Often Would You Click on a Banner Ad?

How likely are you to click on a banner ad? Me, not very, or so I think. This Business Insider article lists some of the odds. A company called Solve Media – which places ads in CAPTCHAs – has put … Continue reading

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California Taxes Amazon: Amazon Drops California Affiliates

It’s always interesting when someone purporting to be a capitalist is willing to screw another capitalist under the illusion of fairness.  The resident merchants of Caliornia joined up in unison to attack the online sellers, and and the … Continue reading

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NY Times: Google’s War on Nonsense

When Google changed its algorithm it affected about 12% of the searches.  The biggest effect was on content farms.  Here is an opinion piece from the NY Times on the effect of the change. You can’t mess with Google forever. … Continue reading

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Is Groupon Poised for Collapse?

Here’s an interesting read about Groupon and the daily deal industry. The article claims that the the Groupon model is not good for business and is not sustainable.

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Is Your Money Safe With Google?

How much do you trust Google?  Perhaps this is the wrong question.  Instead, how much trust sill you place in Google’s wallet system? This means people will eventually be able to wave their Android phones in front of a reader … Continue reading

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