Million Seller E-book Self Publisher

John Locke has written nine novels and all of them were published on Amazon’s Kindle at 99 cents each and has become the first million seller e-book author.  He accomplished this without an  agent or publicist and with little or no marketing budget.

Kindle, along with the other e-book publishers pay 35 cents royalty for a 99 cent e-book.  It doesn’t seem like a lot, but can add up very quickly with some volume.

“To most people, 35 cents doesn’t sound like much. To me, it seemed like a license to print money.

“With the most famous authors in the world charging $9.95 for e-books, I saw an opportunity to compete, and so I put them in the position of having to prove their books were 10 times better than mine.

In an earlier post I  discussed another e-book author, Amanda Hocking, who was also selling a large volume of e-books, also at 99 cents.

Read more on e-book publishing.

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