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California Taxes Amazon: Amazon Drops California Affiliates

It’s always interesting when someone purporting to be a capitalist is willing to screw another capitalist under the illusion of fairness.  The resident merchants of Caliornia joined up in unison to attack the online sellers, and and the … Continue reading

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NY Times: Google’s War on Nonsense

When Google changed its algorithm it affected about 12% of the searches.  The biggest effect was on content farms.  Here is an opinion piece from the NY Times on the effect of the change. You can’t mess with Google forever. … Continue reading

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Million Seller E-book Self Publisher

John Locke has written nine novels and all of them were published on Amazon’s Kindle at 99 cents each and has become the first million seller e-book author.  He accomplished this without an  agent or publicist and with little or … Continue reading

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Bing Takes Market Share from Google

Microsoft has managed to increase the market share for its Bing search engine over the past year with Google being the big loser. Looking at the overall search engine market from May 2010 to May 2011, Compete found that Google … Continue reading

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Is Groupon Poised for Collapse?

Here’s an interesting read about Groupon and the daily deal industry. The article claims that the the Groupon model is not good for business and is not sustainable.

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Facebook Traffic Down

This came to me as a shocker.  I never would have expected it.  Facebook users have peaked.  Things on the internet seem to be moving much faster than we realize. Read the story here and here.

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