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ASUS EeePad Transformer

I hope Ed doesn’t get all apoplectic by the mention of something other than Apple products, but I am going to point you to this excellent review of the Asus EeePad Transformer. I’ve had other ASUS products in the past … Continue reading

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Another State Tries to Put the Squeeze on Amazon

Texas demands Amazon collect sales taxes.  Amazon Leaves Texas. Texas really showed ’em, huh? More government wisdom in action.

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Even San Francisco is Not Completely Stupid

San Francisco approved a measure that granted Twitter a tax break. Twitter, among other companies, was considering leaving the city it San Fran taxes were not changed a bit.  The supervisors recognized which side their bread was buttered on. Read … Continue reading

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iPhone 4 Soon to be # 1 Camera on Flickr

The iphone 4 will soon take over the #1 spot on Flickr.  According to this article, the point and shoot cameras will soon fall by the wayside. I understand that if everyone carries a smart phone it would be a … Continue reading

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Bing is Gaining on Google

Google is the leader of the pack, but , look out below.  Bing is increasing market share.

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Democrat SenatorWants Taxes on Internet Sales

Here’s some amazing news for internet marketers.  Democrat Senator, Dick Durbin plans to introduce a bill to collect taxes on internet sales.  Now, imagine that.  A Democrat wants more taxes. Why do you suppose we would ever call a … Continue reading

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The Secrets to Success

Richard St John gives his 8 secrets to success.

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