The Challenge and Beyond

It seems as though I have avoided this long enough.  I began this blog as part of the 2010 Challenge.  BTW, I wonder how many Challengers are reading this.  I would love to hear from you.  I have a few areas that I want to discuss and share my Challenge experiences.

One thing I discovered is that I am very good at procrastination.  In fact, I may have reached expert status.  I also am well aware that I am readily attracted to shiny objects.  Nearly anything can serve as the distraction that keeps me from doing what I need to do to accomplish my objective.

I kept a journal.  Partly it was to document something new, and also to record passwords and login information for the myriad sites I needed to set up.

In the course of the Challenge I would be progressing nicely, but some where, perhaps at module 3 lesson 5 (I just arbitrarily picked that number) I tended to gloss over the lesson, and I missed something important.  I find that by reviewing I discover a lot of gems that I missed the first time around.  I know that there are still a lot of good points I missed and I am picking them up slowly.

I know that Ed was very emphatic about “free writing.”  I have never been able to get more than a tiny beginning within his ten minute guidelines.  Right now I’m trying 15.  Any longer and I seem to run out of inspiration.  Then I may take days to actually finish the article.  “Perfect is the enemy of good enough.”

I think that another factor was that I had looked at other articles and was amazed by the amount of total rubbish that people presented as respectable articles.  From my point of view they were a total waste of bandwidth.

Apparently Google had similar observations.  I think that was some of the reason that Google recently changed their algorithm.  They were seeing huge numbers of articles and posts that had no real value at all.

Likewise, Ezine Articles was also taking note of the real drivel and was tightening up their requirements.

So, where do I stand?  My Challenge blog is on page 1 on Google for four keywords.  It varies from week to week. Yet, traffic is miniscule.  I stuck with it because I realized that I still have a lot to learn.  It was also a personal interest.  This alone may be my downfall.  I still do not create enough worthwhile content.

I have yet to make my first dollar.  As a matter of fact, I have yet to make my first cent.  Damn that Google adwords .But, I have learned how important video is, although I have not implemented it as I should.  And that was nearly by accident.  I baked a loaf of bread, and the video of cutting the first slice has more traffic than anything else I have done.  I guess it helps that it was picked up by a baking blog.

Two or three posts on this site have also generated huge traffic, and then just dribs and drabs. The reason for the traffic seems to work in the most mysterious ways.

Again, if any Challengers are reading this, I would love to stay in touch and perhaps we can progress together.

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