I Never Do These Things

I posted once before on emails I received from Michelle MacPhearson.  And I’ve stolen borrowed from her before.   These are things she claims that she would never do.  My comments are in bold.

  • Check analytics more than once a day
  • Begin the day without a plan: I’m Guilty
  • Refresh – refresh – refresh Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Use social media to chat with people
  • Keep instant messaging clients like Skype open
  • Take personal calls or appointments during the work day
  • Prioritize any activity over SHIPPING
  • Spend more then 15 minutes in Google Reader in the morning: I’m guilty
  • Spend more then 15 minutes in Gmail in the morning
  • Promote any product I haven’t personally vetted
  • Make graphics
  • Let my enthusiasm for an idea cloud my interpretation of the keyword research
  • Use free tools when a paid one is faster and more powerful
  • Install sites & configure settings / plugins
  • Write content for niche sites
  • Enter niches that are trendy within IM (forex, acia berry, etc.)
  • Choose niches based on personal interest
  • Complain about Google
  • Get caught up in launch frenzy / fear of loss when considering a purchase
  • Buy more tools when the current ones I have are being underused: Guilty.
  • Buy any product that doesn’t fit my business model
  • Spend any time in forums: The Challenge encourages it.  They call it market leadership.
  • Think “tricks” or “secrets” will improve my business
  • Accept any rank less than #1 for a site’s main keyword

I would probably have more bolded items, but I just haven’t had time to commit all those sins.

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