Monthly Archives: February 2011

Problems Posting Pictures: Solved

I recently had been unable to add pictures to my posts.  The problem was cured by deactivating the plugin “HeadSpace2.”

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Android Growth in Video

Watch this video showing the huge growth of Android.

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Links Roundup

The stories were coming fast and furious. Google changed their algorithm and a lot of website rankings were impacted. This story is on the coming battle between Google and Facebook. Physical appearance affects pay.

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On Borders Bankruptcy

This  is not so much about Internet marketing as it is about the decline, or evolution of brick and mortar businesses.

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I Never Do These Things

I posted once before on emails I received from Michelle MacPhearson.  And I’ve stolen borrowed from her before.   These are things she claims that she would never do.  My comments are in bold. Check analytics more than once a day … Continue reading

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