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What, No Internet?

During the recent uprising in Egypt the Egyptian government shut down the internet.  They accomplished this by essentially shutting Down the DNS servers. So, the question becomes if the U.S. government decided to take similar action, how would we communicate? … Continue reading

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Sponsored Facebook Posts

Wow! Look at this. Facebook has figured out a new way to sell advertising.

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Doing More High Yield Internet Marketing Work

I just read a blog post by Michelle MacPhearson about doing more high yield IM activities. I can identify a few of those things that I could do better.  In fact, I seem to have perfected about half of the … Continue reading

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Is Consumer Reports Wrong about Verizon iPhone?

Tech Crunch seems to think Consumer Reports is off base on their recommendation to not rush in for the Verizon iPhone. Read mere here.

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Has Bing Improved?

Here’s an interesting article about Bing.

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Interview On FTC Guidelines

The FTC recently posted new guidelines about what they might expect from internet marketers. Jim Edwards (an internet marketer) recorded a live webinar with Mr Rick Cleland, The Assistant Deputy at the Federal Trade Commission. You may find this information … Continue reading

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Androids are Big at CES

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Android is everywhere. Google doesn’t have a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show, but the company’s Android software is practically everywhere. And, Every new 4G smartphone and tablet announced by the four … Continue reading

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Illinois Tries to Squeeze Blood From a Turnip

Illinois, desperate for money to support the Dems mismanagement have decided that the next ripe turnip is online purchases.  But isn’t willing to be that turnip. From Internet Retailer today: Lawmakers in Illinois have voted for a 6.25% tax … Continue reading

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Facebook Valued at $50 Billion (?)

Is Facebook really worth $50 billion? Apparently some investors think so.  This Wall Street Journal article examines some of the numbers.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

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