Fueling Up and Google Reader

It’s been over a month since I have posted here.  I know.  I have broken one of the basic rules, that of posting regularly. I admit it.  I tend to get distracted by shiny objects and I could become lost in some new facet of my niche that could lead me astray for days at a time.

I just viewed module 7, # 2 and it seems that I will keep my niche because it interests me.  It was on the first page of Google early on, but the traffic is minimal.  I understand that I have glossed over some of the steps.  The Ezine articles are missing in action.  And I’m rather slow in some of the maret leadership actions.

I know that Ed says this course is to only take a mere 30 minutes per day.  But rarely have I seen that this as the reality.

I watched him go through Reeder in very short order.  Somehow, he seemed to  pass over, and consequently eliminate the hits that he wasn’t interested.

Perhaps my experience is somewhat niche specific.  It is too early in my learning to know for sure.

I have seen some of the most fantastic information that I could have imagined.  With this information I have learned a phenomenal amount of things relevant to my niche.  This alone might make me an expert in very short order. I am still in awe.

But, it was astounding how much pure rot and drivel I had to sift to to get to the gems I noted above.Probably 90% was utterly and totally wasted electrons.  I have seen some very good material on Squidoo.  But most of what I saw suggested to me that most article sites are a total waste.  In addition to containing utterly useless tripe, they are written in a form that even though the writer used English words the material was completely unintelligible.

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