Problems with Twenty Ten

I had previously posted here about problems I was having with the theme, Twenty Ten.

I may have found the answer, if not the solution I wanted.  This post suggests that Twenty Ten must be installed on WP 3.0 or higher.  WPD is using WP 2.9.1.  This still does not explain why my new blog appears to be working as I want it.


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2 Responses to Problems with Twenty Ten

  1. Wendell (aka Rocking Chair Wisdom) says:


    You may want to contact WPD about upgrades. They are supposed to be defaulting their installations to WP 3.0 per the information they provide on the login screen. WP 2.9.2 supposedly has some security issues.

    You could upgrade yourself by going into the Word Press admin area of your blog (not WPD admin).

    • rereno says:

      Thanks for the comment, Wendell.

      I just looked at my new blog and low and behold, it is WP 3.0.

      I had planned to contact WPD until I saw this post mentioned above.

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