Domain and WPD Installed

I have finally gotten my niche, a domain name and have installed my WPD blog.  I encountered a few snags.  This ultimately took a lot more time than the 30 minutes allotted.

I had previously had a WPD blog with a shared account at HostGator.  I now installed an add-on WPD blog.  At first I didn’t understand where to install the add-on blog.  It was amazing, but HostGator had a video that explained the very thing.  It seemed that I didn’t quite trust it.  Consequently it took me a super lot of time for a fairly simplle operation.

I’m still unsure that the original WPD blog was installed correctly.  I had trouble seeing the stats.  They never showed up.  I also did not like how the theme displayed.  I selected a different theme and then re-selected my original theme.  The stats began showing.

I had eventually discovered “twenty Ten,” the theme on this blog and I liked it.  It was available at, But not at WPD.  I installed it on my new blog and it worked fine.  I then installed it on my original WPD blog and it would not work.  I thought it might have to do with one of the plugins.  I deactivated them all.  Nothing.  I uninstalled and reinstalled Twenty Ten, and still no changes.

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