Good Niche? RTFM and LTA

When things go wrong, a computer tech’s favorite expression is “RTFM.” (If you don’t know, Google it) .  A more appropriate expression might be “LTA”, for (Listen To Anthony).  The lesson, here is that I didn’t.

My KW searches produced many good ideas, but all of them failed when I used the SEOC  module.

Then, I watched Ed’s video about the No Idea Challenge.  I was ready to enter but, something about his video caused me to think further.  I then re-watched Dr Anthony’s video, Mod 1Day4 about SEOC and I realized that I hadn’t RTFM, or LTA.  I did NOT select only the items that the Challenge was focusing on.  I still included all of the areas.  No wonder my searches all failed.

Once I applied Dr Anthony’s filters, I began to see “all green rows’.  I may have ended up with nearly 40 “green”keywords.  I have not yet decided on my chosen niche, but will be moving forward soon.  I’m back on track.

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