Module 2, Day 1: Domain Names, Etc.

I know, I know.  I still don’t have a good, solid niche.  I did what Ed suggested.  And I can’t, for the life of me, Imagine how he could search 10 niches in 25 minutes.  I managed to get through 4 or 5 in an hour.  Now, I must admit that I processed more than 4 0r 5 different keywords within one hour.. I probably examined ten keywords within that time.  And NO, I am not giving up.

But, I did view all the videos.   They were much the same as material I already covered.  So, I have little to report.

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2 Responses to Module 2, Day 1: Domain Names, Etc.

  1. Kathy Pop says:

    I teach online and tell my students to view the world differently as they go about their day. Whether you go to the store, do daily tasks around the house, or out to eat, or watch TV- be observant, what can be a niche. Are you a parent of young kids, teens, special needs children? Do you have a special knack for building, fixing, organizing? Is there something you always wanted to know more about?

    Another place to get ideas from that Ed did not mention is Alexa- which has a list of top sites and hot topics.

    Good luck,

    Kathy Pop

    There are 2 free services that send a niche idea each day by email. One is Niche A Day and the other is Free Header A Day. Of course they won’t be much help at the moment, but over time you’ll have a long list of niches for upcoming projects.

    • rereno says:

      Kathy, I appreciate the suggestion. I have at least in part begun to notice things differently. Perhaps I look at MS in a overly limiting manner. But I think I will eventually prevail.



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