Day 4 Theme and Category Keywords

The assignment for Day 4 was:

Using the steps outlined in today’s video, research and identify at least 3 niche ideas that meet The Challenge criteria that you can move forward with.

I had selected perhaps ten different markets. Ed described them as something I would be “interested in”.  Then, using Market Samurai on day 4 I was only able to find one that fit the criteria.  The others usually ended up with one or two keywords that met the guidelines. Dr Anthony recommended four or more.

I went back and again watched the videos and think I got a better understanding.  Then, repeating the process did not improve my findings.  I may not properly understand what they are trying to communicate.  The one niche I did find was something that turned out to be a complete surprise to me.

On the Forum I noticed that other folks are having a similar experience.  See here.

I notice that a few other folks are posting on the same topic in the forum.

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